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        Artichoke extract is a standardized herbal extract made from the leaves of Cynara scolymus L., cultivated in Spain by EUROMED.


        Cynara scolymus L. leaves contain a complex of substances. The most important chemical components are caffeoylquinic acids (chlorogenic acid, cryptochlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic acid),

        Flavonoids (cynaroside, scolymoside, cynarotrioside and luteolin) and sesquiterpene bitter agents(cynaropicrin, dehydrocynaropicrin, grossheimin, cynaratriol and cynarin).

        The choleretic and hepato stimulating effects of artichoke extracts have been found to depend on their caffeoylquinic acids content.


        Artichoke extract is used in the treatment of dyspeptic and digestive complaints, especially in the case of functionally caused disturbances of bile drain. It has shown cholesterol-lowering and lipid-lowering activity in rats and humans.

        It results in relief of symptoms, such as digestive complaints, heartburn/sour belching, chest pain, sickness/vomiting, intolerance against fat, irregular bowel movements and pain of epigastrium.