Annuaire d'Intermédiation des Fournisseurs des Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques
54ème Année


Date maj 15 04 2014
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Extrait sec de ginseng

Extrait sec de ginseng
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Garlic oil macerate

Euromed garlic extract is an oily herbal extract of Allium sativum L. bulb, a small perennial plant cultivated in Spain.


Garlic medicinal effects are primarily due to allicin and its transformation products. This compound is a transformation product from alliin (S-allyl-L-(+)-cysteine sulfoxide),

Chief constituent of fresh undamaged garlic which is degraded by the enzyme allinase (S-alkyl-L-(+)-cysteine lyase) when the tissues are cut or bruised.

Other compounds found in garlic bulbs are carbohydrates(fructans) and saponins (furostanol glycosides: sativin, proto-erubin B, and more).

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