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        Extrait sec de palmier nain

        Extrait sec de palmier nain
        Extrait sec de palmier nain



        Euromed saw palmetto extract is a standardized herbal extract of Sabal serrulata Roem et Schult fruits, a small species of palms native to the USA.


        The most important constituents of saw palmetto fruits are free fatty acids, methyl and ethyl esters of fatty acids, sterols, fatty alcohols, carotenoids, essential oils and polysaccharides.
        Free fatty acids and their ethyl esters are thought to be responsible for an inhibition
        of 5-a-reductase and acid polysaccharides have shown antiphlogistic effects.


        Extract of saw palmetto are used in the treatment of prostatic diseases, especially benign prostatic hypertrophy (international stages, stages according to Vahlensick), and for the stabilization of the urodynamic of the patient.
        The therapy with saw palmetto results in relief of symptoms, such as pollakisuria (frequent urination), nocturia (frequent nocturnal urination) and urinary urgency.
        Residual urine is reduced and urinary outflow is improved.

        Contraindications, international and side-effects

        Saw palmetto extract is generally well tolerated.
        Side effects are rare when the standardized extract is taken.
        In exceptional cases gastric complaints may occur.
        There are no known contraindications to the long-term use of saw palmetto extract.
        There are no known interactions with drugs usually prescribed.

        Therapeutic Safety

        Saw palmetto extract is notable for its particularly high level of clinical safety.
        To date acute cases of saw palmetto extract poisoning have not been reported.
        Particular emphasis should be put on the high tolerance of saw palmetto preparations leading to a high level of treatment compliance because of the extremely low incidence of side-effects.