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        Dyno-Mill ECM-AP

        Dyno-Mill ECM-AP
        Dyno-Mill ECM-AP

        Type de produit

        Agitateur en verre


        High-efficiency agitator bead mills.

        New milling process at the highest level

        Proven performance in the field of dispersion, ultra fine wet grinding and nano wet grinding with thousands of installations worldwide.

        Your expert partner for finest dispersion and wet milling down to nano size particles.

        For decades, WAB has been a leading specialist in the field of grinding and dispersion with thousands of the world famous DYNO ®-MILL products installed worldwide.

        The many products that are required to be milled demand contact material of the highest quality. With its extensive program of mills and experience gained over decades, WAB delivers the right solutions for all machines and products to ensure that you produce the finest quality products in a repeatable process.

        The new DYNO®-MILL ECM-AP Series : Advanced Performance Milling and Grinding Technology